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Amy Somerville is the owner and founder of Moment of Clarity, LLC, a real estate leadership and professional development consulting company dedicated to inspiring positive action for success. Amy is a visionary leader with demonstrated success in developing synergistic and highly effective teams as well as creating and delivering dynamic learning strategies that promote high engagement, growth and retention rates.

Now in 2022, Amy holds the distinct honor of joining Buffini & Company Founded by Brian Buffini in 1996. Buffini & Company is an organization dedicated to impacting and improving the lives of others. With this in mind, it's no wonder this career move is a natural fit for Amy Somerville!

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Larissa Benson

I have worked with Amy professionally for years and have always been impressed with her level of professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to not only manage so many responsibilities at once but execute them all seamlessly. Recently I enlisted Amy and Moment of Clarity on more personal bases as a one-on-one professional business coach. I have worked with several business coaches in the past and have had positive experiences from most. I hired Amy with that in mind, thinking that what I really needed an accountability partner to help keep me on track to do the things I already knew I needed to accomplish. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Moment of Clarity, and Amy, are different. Amy is all about the personalization and customization of everything, from coaching to presentations to speeches, nothing is canned, nothing is scripted. While there is a plan, the content is different for each person and each scenario. That level of customization creates a more elevated experience, and in return, a more elevated result. On almost every call I have with Amy, I have my own “Moment of Clarity”. A moment where I realize something completely in my control, that can totally transform my business. Once those realizations are met, Amy works with me to create a plan of action, and even goes above and beyond researching and creating solutions for me. Then follows up with me every step of the way to ensure my business and actions are on track for success. Moment of Clarity is more of a business partner than a business coach. Amy feels completely invested in my business and success. She truly cares about my personal and business success. Even if I was just looking for accountability, that type of investment in me and my business makes it near impossible to not complete my weekly “tasks” for fear of letting someone so invested in you down. But, while that is what I signed up for, and definitely receive, it is far from the best thing that Amy offers. The Moments of Clarity I have on each call are really what set her apart from any other coaching or consulting program.

Larissa Benson
Capital Realty Group of Tampa LLC

Amy Somerville is the leader of leaders. She is smart, witty, conscientious and honest. She genuinely cares and generously gives. Her leadership style is by example and she thoughtfully offers wisdom and guidance. I have known and worked with Amy for over 5 years, she changed my life and my business with her leadership and support. Her innovative thinking and consistent messaging is what every leader needs to take their business to the next level up and improve on one of their most valuable investments - their business! I highly recommend working with Amy Somerville, as a speaker, consultant or business coach.

Capital Realty Group of Tampa LLC
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